About Us

We started Buffer to help you balance your business. 

As small business owners, with an understanding of the frustrations irregular invoices can have on cash flow, we decided there had to be an easier way. 

Simple, efficient, and transparent, Buffer is your always-on safety net. Quick cash advances, when you need them, so you can get back to business. 

Unlike other services, we assume no control over your invoicing or lock you into a contract. You simply send us the invoice you’d like paid early and we cover it. When your client pays you, we direct-debit the fee from your account. Pretty simple, really. 

Get in touch to chat to our team and see why hundreds of New Zealand businesses are keeping their business balanced with Buffer. 


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Why Buffer?

Buffer is designed to help small businesses stay cash positive when they need it most. If you know you have upcoming bills but are still waiting on next month's payments from clients, Buffer could be exactly what you need.

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