A few commonly asked questions about business loans and our services.

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How can buffer help your business?

buffer takes away the stress of managing your cash flow, giving you more opportunities to grow your business. We know that growth often means paying for people, asset materials and bills you need, and sometimes these crop up before you have the cash to pay for them. By getting our help with your cash flow, you can focus on the bigger jobs, aligning your expenditures and your income.

Who can open a buffer account?

To open a buffer account, you will need to be a director of your business with the authority to allow us to debtor finance your invoices.

How is buffer different to business loans and other lending options?

We don’t consider ourselves a business loan company. Because we only deal with invoices where the work has been completed. We don’t lock you in for long-term plans, charge set up or ongoing fees and, we also don’t take over all of your invoicing. With buffer, we offer you more flexibility with the aim to help small to medium-sized businesses in their growth phase, when they need cash flow the most.

Will using buffer affect my business’s ability to borrow from banks?

Using buffer should not affect your ability to borrow from a bank. As we’re not actually lending you money, we’re buying an invoice from you.

Your ability to borrow from a bank would only be affected if there are any issues with repayment.

What is buffer's fee?

There are no monthly or ongoing fees with buffer. There is an initial setup cost of $250, then we then simply take 10% of the invoice amount as our payment.

What is the difference between buffer and factoring?

Unlike factoring, we do not take over all of your accounts and, your client also doesn’t know that you’re using buffer. We leave it in your hands to decide when you need to use us, and we don’t require you to sign up for a minimum period. This makes us a more flexible and private alternative to factoring.

Do my customers know that I am using buffer?

No, because you will still take the payment from the customers directly. We will simply direct debit the full amount from your account once the payment has been made.

How long does the process take?

Initial set up and approval will take 24 hours, then once approved, any further invoices presented will be paid to you on the same business day of application.

Is there a minimum or maximum invoice amount buffer will cover?

No, but every invoice is reviewed on a case by case basis.

How much of the invoice can be covered?

We will cover up to 90% of the invoice. 

What is an advance?

The 90% of your invoice that we give you is considered an advance. When you then get paid the full amount back from your client, we take the 90% back, alongside the 10% fee for using our services.

What happens if a customer pays late?

We’re aware that this may happen sometimes. All we need is a heads up on a payment date change. Please get in touch with us if you have any more questions about this.

How do I pay buffer back?

We take a direct debit from your account once the invoice has been paid. This means you don’t have to worry about it from your end, as this is an automatic payment.

Is direct debit the only form of repayment?

Yes, we will only deal with direct debits for repayment. 

Can I pay buffer back early?

Yes you can, and we won’t charge you any fees for paying us back early.

Do you need a buffer?

If you know you have upcoming bills but are still waiting on next months payments from clients, Buffer could be exactly what you need to give you that extra help.

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