A new year's resolution you might actually keep.

It’s 2019 already. Chances are you’re sitting on this plane because you’re going on holiday (lucky bugger) or coming home from one (we sympathise). Either way, it’s time to start those new year’s resolutions. But wait – hello barbecue season, with your five hundred excuses standing in the way of the gym entrance.


Buffer can’t help you with exercising more and indulging less, but we can take away your business cash flow niggles. How about making a new resolution for 2019, right here in the fine surroundings of your Air New Zealand seat? This one’s dead easy to keep: get your business cash flow positive. 

How does Buffer help you with that? Easy. We buy your unpaid invoices, give you a cash advance against them, and then direct debit the amount back once your customers pay you.

We’re not loan sharks and we’re not doing bank-led invoice factoring. We’re disrupting the traditional bank model. How? By offering you a real alternative – one that eliminates the stress of maintaining working capital between invoice payments. 

It doesn’t take long to figure out that traditional invoice finance services don’t work for many smaller business owners. Our clients just need to bridge the gap every now and then so they can keep operating while they’re waiting for their customers to pay them. We don’t take over all your invoicing, or lock you into a minimum period with monthly charges. We simply give you the flexibility to call up a bit of help when you need it, for a one-off fee each time. 

Buffer’s low-hassle, fast and friendly service is about keeping businesses like yours on the growth track.
And it’s all on the down low. Your customers won’t even know you’re using Buffer, as they’ll still pay your invoices to you. Once you’re on board with us, we’ll get your cash into your account pronto so you can carry on with growing your business, stress-free.

So, back to those resolutions: how about making 2019 the year you take control of your business cash flow? Get off this plane (once it’s on the ground of course), call us, get a working capital advance, and kiss goodbye to unpaid invoices. That way you can make sure this year for your business is the best yet.